Club Merger Celebration at Eagles Nest

January 4th

Congratulations to all you merged Rotarians. Starting today there is no more Towsontowne or Hunt valley there is only Towsontowne-Hunt Valley or TT-HV for short.

We will be celebrating our merger this Wednesday, Jan 4th, at Eagles Nest Country Club and we will have a meeting to honor who we were and are. We will start with assigned seating so look for your place card when you arrive.

Table #1 Keith Armington, Donna May, Patty Haw, Deb Reguera, Neil Young and Suzanne Pearce.
Table #2 Lynne Cannon, Mahmood Farazdaghi, Sharon Bregel,,George Brown, Adekunle Onalaja
Table #3 Bill Depauw, Chester Hobbs, Ed Podowski, Rob Ketron, Amir Kahn, Jeanne Noll
Table #4 Matt May, Jane Brewer, Amy Gantz Cheatham, Jenette Young, Daniel Wernecke, Ann Marie Ketron
Table #5 Steve Williams, Ann Saar, Stephanie Bigwood, Meena Pradhan, Andy Ross,Chintha Kunppunayake

The theme of our meeting is to grasp how special and impactful our club really is:. In order to do that we will dispense with the traditional format of our meeting and follow the agenda below.

  1. Call to Order and Welcome – Andy Ross
  2. Breakfast – Everyone
  3. Thoughts on the Merger – Keith Armington & Amir Kahn
  4. The Spirit of Hunt Valley through Storyboards – Matt May
  5. The Spirit of Towsontowne through Storyboards – Andy Ross, George Brown, Neil Young, Jane Brewer, Ann Saar, Stephanie Bigwood, Ed Podowski, Mahmood Farazdaghi, Suzanne Pearce and Sharon Bregel
    Note to presenters. Everyone needs to provide a 1 minute or less talk on their foam board(s) to assure we can get the whole meeting in. Ann Saar will serve as timer and at the one minute mark when the bell is rung you need to stop and give time for the other presents. We will invite you back up to finish if other only take 30 or 45 seconds so you can finish. The idea is to give a brief comment to the picture so everyone can grasp the Club’s project that radiated the spirit and culture of Towsontowne. So give your picture board some thought about what you want to say about your topic before you get to the meeting.
    Andy Nepal & Dinosaur Park
    George- Ramps, Rebuilding and Little Libraries
    Neil – Dental Day, Russian & Ukraine Visits , Playground in Russia
    Jane – Scotland and Manor Care
    Ann – See to Learn and Dictionary Project
    Stephanie – Towson Interviews
    Ed – Toys for Tots and Salvation Army
    Mahmood- Eye Banks
    Suzanne – Fellowship and Meetings (birthday cake & candles)
    Sharon – Y and Special Olympics
  6. “Who Am I” or what you don’t know about me from each club member – Everyone prepares a one minute or less teaser other club members don’t know about you that you’d like to share. For example, you were valedictorian, the homecoming queen, hold the record in high school or college, lived in Singapore for a year, were stationed in Viet Nam, have a famous person in your family, you have family who fought in the Civil War or the revolutionary War.went to school with Harry Truman’s grandson, were a shy person, played in a rock band, danced on Bandstand, Jesse James is a relative,etc. you get the idea!
  7. Closing thoughts on merger and the 4 way Test- Andy Ross
    I hope everyone will do their best to make this meeting. The only one who I know is not able to attend given she will be in Florida Wed. Morning is Suzanne Amos. I would like you all to experience who and what TT – HV is.
    P.S.: Breakfast is $21 a person starting Jan 4th. .

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