April 10, 2024

Kedrick Scribner

Dr. Kedrick Scribner, a native of America, veteran and a minister of the gospel picked special interest in supporting families of the fallen heroes of the Nigeria Police Force, when he attended a training at Police College, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, in 2022. During the training, Dr. Scribner encountered a captivating moment, where he saw some group of women, desperately in need. Moved by compassion, Dr. Scribner made some inquiries about the women, where he was told that they were widows of the fallen heroes of the Nigeria Police Force. He then went on to visit some of the widows in their houses, there, he learnt more about their stories, their survival and the daily struggles they encountered with their families after the death of their husbands/fathers. Since then, he promised to make it a point of duty to be in their lives and support them.

Dr. Scribner came up with an initiative he called, the “Widows Mite”, this initiative is often organized twice a year in Nigeria, bringing together widows from different barracks within the Lagos metropolis. Several activities are held, during which the widows are well catered for with food, drinks, gifts and other essential services.

So far, the foundation has successfully organized the Widows’ Mite 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 respectively. The next event, Widows Mite 4.0 is scheduled to be held from 29th – 30th June, 2024.

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