Rotary Youth Exchange Recruiting 2024-25 Candidates

This is the time to promote Rotary Youth Exchange and to recruit 2024-25 candidates. Deadlines are:

2024-25 Long Term (academic year): Nov. 1
2024 Short Term (summer): March 15

Links to the applications are:

Long Term:
Short Term:

All applications are completed and processed online. Students should be interviewed by their local club prior to being recommended to the District.

September — cooler days and school resumes. High school students think about the future and exploring the world around them. This is when students ask clubs about Rotary Youth Exchange (aka RYE) and how to apply. This is also the time for clubs to actively recruit candidates through school visits, Interact Clubs, and community presentations. If a young person, a parent, or a guardian contacts you about Youth Exchange, I hope your club has a discussion about sponsoring a student, or collaborating with another club for the 2024-25 Rotary year, and possibly hosting one as well.

In the past few years District 7620 clubs have sponsored 2-4 Long Term students and 0-3 Short Term students per year. Meanwhile, other districts sponsor 25-100 students. It’d be great if we could grow Youth Exchange in our District and in order to do that we’ll need your help.

Some clubs have lots of Youth Exchange experience, while others have none, or it’s been a while since they were involved. So we have created a Club FAQs (attached) with general Youth Exchange information. District Committee members will be happy to talk further with you or your club about Youth Exchange.

We also have a variety of recruitment posters and videos we’re happy to share with you if you’d like.

Long Term applications must be submitted via the Youth Exchange portal ( by November 1. District interviews will be held in mid-November.

Several 7620 students have expressed an interest in Youth Exchange and have been referred back to a local Rotary club. If a student contacts you, please refer them to for more program information and a Long Term Youth Exchange application. This website also has general information for parents/guardians, schools, Rotarians, and Rotaractors.

On behalf of the District 7620 Youth Exchange Committee, thank you to those clubs who have participated in Rotary Youth Exchange. We are actively working to strengthen our District program and would love to grow the number of students we sponsor and clubs that are participating in this amazing program. I also want to extend our services to your club in assisting you to create a strong and viable club program. We are available for programs and training, as well as answering general questions about club and district Youth Exchange operations. Please don’t hesitate to contact any one of the committee members.

Additional information about Short Term exchanges will be available in November.

Rotary Youth Exchange 2024-25 FAQs

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