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It’s that time of year for club members to vote for Rotarian of the Year, sometimes it’s easy because someone stands out but at other times multiple people stand out and it is really difficult to choose.

Sharon Bregel has helped us all by doing the research necessary to articulate factors to keep in mind that we should all consider in relationship to every member of the Club. Everyone should start to vote and send your votes to Club Secretary, Sharon Bregel by June 7th so we have enough time to get the plaque made up to the recipient on June 28th.

Email to sent Votes:

What is the ‘Rotarian of the Year’ award?

Being a member of a Rotary club does not make someone a Rotarian, it only makes them a member of a Rotary club. A Rotarian helps the club achieve its goals and acts with high ethical standards. A Rotarian also participates in the club’s community projects both locally and internationally.

This annual award is designated for the one Rotarian in our Club who clearly stands out in demonstrating “Service Above Self” and principled commitment to the Four-Way Test. A nominee should be an outstanding club member who has made significant contributions to the mission and operation of TT-HV, and to one or more avenues of Community or International Service.

The ‘Rotarian of the Year’ award may be given to a member who exhibits “Service Above Self” in their daily activities and who promotes Rotary by their actions and involvements. This may be accomplished through one major activity in club service, in multiple activities, or by serving on several committees. This person should be highly visible in the weekly activities of the club. Specifically, how should an individual be evaluated for the Rotarian of the Year Award?

In determining if a person should be nominated for the ‘Rotarian of the Year’ award, there are many factors a member may consider. While no one can participate in every activity, be at every event or serve on every committee, the following list of criteria is presented to illustrate the range of things that should be considered when nominating a person for ‘Rotarian of the Year’. It is suggested that these items be reviewed, but the decision should not be limited to these items, nor should the items on the list be considered mandatory for selection:

Club Membership & Attendance

  • To be considered for nomination, the candidate must have been a member of your Rotary Club for at least 1 full year.
  • The nominee must be a member in good standing, i.e., dues current, etc.
  • The nominee must have active membership status. Honorary Members, Special Members, or those on a Leave of Absence will not be eligible for the award.
  • The nominee should have an at least a regular attendance record.

Names of Club Members Eligible for the Award

  • Keith Armington
  • Stephanie Bigwood
  • Sharon Bregel
  • Jane Brewer
  • George Brown
  • Lynne Cannon
  • Bill Depauw
  • Mahmood Faradaghi
  • Patty Haw
  • Chester Hobbs
  • Ann Marie Ketron
  • Rob Ketron
  • Chintha Kuruppunayake
  • Matt May
  • Kunle Onalaja
  • Ed Podowski
  • Meena Pradhan
  • Suzanne Pearce
  • Deb Reguera
  • Andy Ross
  • Ann Saar
  • Dan Wernecke
  • Steve Williams
  • Jenette Young
  • Neil Young

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